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I do offer free YouTube tutorials and am often asked “why film free watercolour and Brusho tutorials?” because, as some of you know, I also have a subscrition Patreon channel
I can only say that I am aware of many who are struggling to make ends meet, or are isolated and lonely. Offering free lessons, especially at this time, is important to me. I like to think that It can have a positive affect because if you do something beneficial for someone, they may feel more engaged with the world.
Being totally frank, I am also hoping to tempt some artists who enjoy my teaching and who want to develop their painting , if they can afford to, to join my Patreon channel and therefore enable me to keep sharing.

Obviously my Patreon students have to be my priority and receive a much more in-depth level of tuition, guidance, results and one to one feedback.
Though my love and passion for art is the essence of who I am, there can be days when I just don’t feel like painting to order, in front of a camera, for all the world to see my flaws!!! I actually cringe when I watch or hear my voice played back! but I also know there are some who are now gaining confidence with their own painting skills, (I’ve seen the amazing results) and look forward to the new, regular challenges from me.
This motivates me to carry on sharing because I believe It’s a way to guide others towards the feeling of achievement they may not otherwise have.
So, finally, if you are enjoying my free tutorials then thats just great, or if you want to join my Patreon channel and move up through the next levels of inspiration, then that would be fantastic also.

An Introduction To Painting With Brusho

This Brusho video is probably the most comprehensive informative free tutorial you will ever find! Here I share with you my many years of experience when working with this medium and share my tips and techniques on how to create beautiful colourful artwork when painting with Brusho.

Top tips and Brusho techniques
Fun Brusho warm ups
Wax resist
Bleach techniques
My Sprinkle and spray techniques
Brusho Lavender tutorial
White flower tutorial

Reference Image one
Reference Image two
Reference Image three

All colours are optional this is my choice of colours
Brusho colours  Violet Yellow Turquose
Diluted bleach
Size 8 and 10 Brush
Old brush for bleach
Bockingford watercolour paper 

Take Your Art To The Next Level, Or Take Some Time And Treat Yourself

I have a large range of art work and art tuition to suit everyone.

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My Patreon channel is gaining popularity and of course I am absolutely thrilled about that as I am no longer able to tutor my workshops and painting holidays for now!

By joining not only will you receive monthly tutorials covering a wide range of subjects you also have the benefit of all important feedback which is so important to all artists no matter what level of experience you are.

All monthly tutorials are private to you and can be watched and downloaded as many times as you like, you also have the benefit of :

  • A royalty-free photograph and traceable drawing
  • A full list of materials
  • A chance to watch my free videos before they are uploaded publicly
  • Access to our private Facebook group where you can post your work and receive feedback in a safe supportive environment including a new step by step tutorial

You can cancel you membership at any time. I would love to see you there